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A guilty pleasure this summer television season has been SYTYCD on ABC. Tim and I DVR the series and then review the two evenings of programs at our leisure. I like the new format - fewer contestants dancing with All-Stars from past seasons. The work by the choreographers has been particularly strong this year; a dance last weekend, a Hip-Hop routine by Tabitha and Napolean, danced by all-star Twitch and ballet dancer Alex, was one of the best ... EVER!

My favorites to win ... heck, just my favorites ... are Alex, Lauren and Ashley. Anyone watching the show knows most of the women were cut early. Hopefully, I'm not spoiling anyone's results by saying how sad I am that my pick to win, Alex, has had to drop out of the competition with a torn achilles tendon. He has surgery next Tuesday.

There was a special performance tonight on the results show by the cast of the National Touring Company of "In The Heights". One of my favorite dancers, a friend and frequent co-worker onstage in Seattle, was featured tonight during the broadcast. From having rehearsed there, I know this photo of Daniel Cruz was taken in the basement rehearsal space at The 5th Avenue Theatre! I'm really proud of Daniel!

On another topic, I just saw the list of nominations for this year's Emmy Awards. I am particularly excited for the multiple nominations for "Glee" (especially for Mike O'Malley who plays Kurt's father) and for the casts of "Modern Family" and "The Good Wife" ... such fine work and writing. Kind of odd, though, that all of the adult actors in "Modern Family" were nominated for Emmy's except Ed O'Neill. He's sort of the heart of the series.
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