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I'm not certain I'll transfer over all of my Live Journal Entries. It's 13 years of creating content, interacting with my friends there, but the reality is that 90% of the friends posts I read daily now are created by three or four people. Two friends, who like me have stubbornly continued to write on LJ when so many have moved away, are in the processing of transferring old content. The move of Live Journal's servers to Russia and the recent creation of a concentration camp for Gay men and Lesbians in Chechnya disturb me greatly. I'm about to begin a new phase of my life in Minnesota, so the timing to move away from LJ seems right.

It's taken me a half hour to reboot this dream width account. I created it in 2011 when I was still working as a leasing manager in multi dwelling housing. There is so much water under the bridge since then. I'll hold on to my LJ account until it expires and enable cross posting.

In reading the rules and terms of service, it feels a bit like it did in 2003 when I created my first blog. I hope I will find many old LJ friends here who enjoyed writing essays of substance, sharing very personal thoughts and feelings. Please let me know if I should subscribe to your journals or allow access to mine.
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