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Come along and step back in time with me! Im looking at years ending in five starting with 1985. In 1975, I was still in college.

1985 - I began the year in New York City where I did several auditions, landing a summer production of "Sweet Charity". Until this gig, I stayed with my folks in Sealy, Texas and worked at The Sealy News as a newspaper reporter. I spent the Summer in Ravenna, Ohio where I had a role in Carousel Dinner Theatre's production of "Sweet Charity", directed by Joey Patton and designed by [ profile] designerotter (We didn't meet until 2007:) After this splendid opportunity, I returned to my job at the newspaper in Sealy. Simultaneously, I performed in "Sugar" with Robert Morse and Larry Kert and closed out the year in my third production of "Annie", both shows at Theatre Under the Stars in Houston.

1995 - The year began in New Orleans in the National Tour of "The Phantom of the Opera" and though I can't remember all of the dates, I know we headed from New Orleans to San Antonio. After that, my memory is hazy. The entire year, I was on tour with Phantom.

2005 - This entire year, I was on the National Tour of "Evita". We started the year in Schenectady, NY, then Sarasota, Florida and Greenville, SC; I know we played Houston and Fort Lauderdale in the latter part of the year. In the Fall, we kept playing cities affected by hurricanes, in this case, Rita and Wilma respectively. We had been slated to play New Orleans the week that Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city, but the date was cancelled. I haven't been back to New Orleans since.

2015 - This year began with a nasty cold, from which I have recovered. I've been contacted twice this week by the temp agency and they are actively discovering potential work for me. I'd really like to get back to singing. I think I've got to open my mind and heart to the possibility that my future singing will be in a chorus, choir or work developed for myself. I have to be hyper vigilant for audition opportunities. This is going to be a good year! I can feel it. History shows that years ending in 5 are good to me!


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