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"Dreams in a Drawer"

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

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Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
In Brief: I'm a professional singer/writer who spent 599 weeks on tour in Broadway musicals between 1980 and 2009. Though I lived off and on in Seattle for a few years, I spent nearly three years in Texas as a caregiver to my Dad and moved to Minneapolis in July 2009. I finished 19 months on the road in the National Tour of the Broadway musical "Evita" in February 2006, then two months in the musical "Wonderful Town" at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle which closed in April 2006. Between 1991 and 1999, I spent 50 weeks a year on tour and very much enjoyed all of the traveling. Many of you will know my traveling companion for a few of those years, Barak.

I am currently living in Minneapolis, MN and semi-retired. I continue to work as a caregiver to my profoundly autistic and severely Intellectually disabled nephew. He is non verbal, self-harming and has OCD. I believe Ross has a "trapped" intelligence; all of his caregivers want him to have the highest quality life possible.

I really enjoy viewing live theatre, writing songs and scripts and posting blogs to my online journal. I'm interested in learning all I can about investments; I'm also planning a book about my touring experiences. I love to country-western dance and am a strong lead in two-steppin'. I read voraciously (mysteries, theatre and political autobiographies, sci-fi fantasy, historical fiction); am a politics and sports junkie (My favorite is college football).

I am very close to my family and a small group of friends who are also very much family to me. I believe in loyalty and integrity first and foremost.

Build: Stocky, not fat.
Weight: (As of August 2015) 250 lbs
Occupation: Singer/Actor/Writer/Caregiver
Relationship status: Single, Open to something new, but would rather be alone than in the wrong relationship.
Six Attributes: Caring, Energetic, Kind, Intelligent, Big-Hearted, Honorable and LOYAL! I live my life with as much integrity as I can muster.
Smoke: Non-smoker
Alcohol: Non-drinker. Never tasted the stuff ... or coffee for that matter:)
I'm looking for: Friendship, conversation and perhaps more. I'd like to court someone and be courted; I don't want to be another couple's side-dish; I want to be an entree for the right person; then we both get dessert:)
Religion: I am disappointed by organized religion and those Christians who wield their faith as a weapon. My faith works for me. I don't need a building to host it.
My Last Words: I am interested in what people have to say, as long as they are passionate about it! I love opinionated people, but be prepared to defend your opinion and to listen to mine. I will compromise. I value humor and cleverness in speech, thought and written word. I love creativity in all forms ... and people who are career-minded. I was raised to believe that I was put on this earth to make a difference. "Dreams are simply goals without a plan." I've got a plan.
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