Jun. 20th, 2017

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I've always been a night person. I start slowly in the morning - mentally, physically and emotionally. About supper time, I'm starting to feel right perky. I'm at my most creative in the late night, early morning hours of the coming day. Most of my song writing happens between 1:00am and 3:00am. For the past decade, I've decidedly been forced to be a morning person. For most of my jobs, I've had to be at work by 8-9am. I've spent a lot of mornings giving myself an attitude check while driving to work. I'm not at all chatty in the mornings, but I'm also not unpleasant to deal with; I'd just rather not engage and I definitely do not want to talk on the phone.

Some folks are misled into thinking otherwise; when awakened from a sound sleep, I'm immediately aware of my surroundings, active and coherent. All of this comes without any coffee or any caffeinated beverages. But, my normal body rhythm is keyed to being most productive late at night. I've been surprised as I negotiate the early stages of retirement how easily I gave up on getting up early. In the past two weeks, I haven't gotten out of bed before 10:30am. I've usually crawled in to bed about 1am. Decades of a theater schedule seem engrained in my DNA. It is not unpleasing to me.

I've been taking Benadryl every four hours for 10 days to kick the allergic reaction to Previcid. When it says on the package a side effect of the medication is drowsiness, they mean it. I've slept more than I've been awake. The rash played itself out as if I had a sunburn from the inside out. My skin is flaking no matter how much lotion or creme I put on it. But, I'm finally feeling better ... and that says something. I want to be well enough to attend some of the Pride Festival this coming weekend. I am determined. Now that I'm well ... No more sleepin' the days away.


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