Jun. 15th, 2017

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I've been absent from here for a week now. There is a specific reason. I have been ill. Last Saturday, we had an over- the-top hot, dry day with 25mph winds. I was only outside for about 10 minutes; but, evidently that's all it took to become sick.

By early evening, I was achy. I took a nap on the couch for four hours. When I awoke, I had a low fever, chattering teeth, was shaking and slightly nauseous. I almost immediately went back to sleep. In the middle of the night, I got up to get something to drink. I still don't know how it happened; but, I fell, landing on my tailbone. I just laid on the kitchen's hardwood floors, till I could muster the strength to get up off the floor. After 14 hours of sleep, I got up late Sunday morning, only to discover I was now covered in a rash from neck to knees ... sort of like I had blushed over most of my body. It itched like crazy! Still does.

I slept most of Sunday, trying to rally. I began drinking copious amounts of fluids (I'm not good about this on a regular basis.) The fever and chills continued on into Sunday evening. After much more sleep, on Monday, I made it to the pharmacy, spoke with the pharmacist then purchased Benadryl and an anti-itch ointment. I was fever-free on Monday and rallied enough to pick up two sets of friends at the airport, one returning from DC and the other from Paris.
Between the two airport trips, I slept for four hours at the first set of friends' house which is close to the airport.

On Tuesday morning, I had a meet and greet with a vocal coach. Obviously, I wasn't at my best; I kept the appointment because we had never met in person before. We mostly talked about my goals for vocal performance going forward. (I have a feeling, he's not much interested in musical theatre, so he may not be the right person for what I am hoping to accomplish.)

The remainder of Tuesday and all of Wednesday, I didn't leave the house, only managing to get a few household tasks completed and bills paid. I worked really hard to make myself a bowl of chicken salad. I've eaten it for four meals so far. Today, I finally got to see a doctor. My rash has moved on to my shins and forearms. It looks different from the other rash. I have wracked my brain trying to pinpoint a difference in routine ...exposure to something new to me. There have been no new foods in my diet, change of medications or difference in soaps, shampoos or detergents. To what could I have been exposed? In the middle of the night, I woke suddenly and said these words out loud. "River Birch"! Seriously ...

This morning, I googled river birch which is the kind of tree growing in my back yard. I have been near one before purchasing this house. I had been pulling weeds on Saturday, moving its lower branches to get to the flower beds. It's a sweeping, graceful tree. Right away, information came up ... From mid-May to the end of the first week of June, this tree, through the pods on it, causes allergic reactions for those sensitive to its pollen. When I had been out in the yard, I had sneezed and sneezed. It's why I stopped working and went back inside. My tree may have been talking to me rather than the other way around. (Paint Your Wagon reference intended.)

Tomorrow, I have a dermatology consult. I hope we uncover the trigger to the rash. I believe multiple things happened ... I encountered an allergy I didn't know I had. I caught a virus which has run its course. The doctor thinks the second rash may be vasculitis. Meanwhile, I itch!! I'm on the quest for answers.

ps ... the rash is not contagious ...


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