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In the aftermath of July 4th, I'm trying to process the loss of loved ones by two of my friends. Yesterday, on July 4th, notdefined's mother passed away. Tommy made it to New Jersey just in time to say goodbye, to be there to support his brother and sister in his mom's final hours. Tommy's mother was 92 years old. Alzheimers had taken away the mother they had known. I never knew her; but, Tommy has been a good friend over the years and I feel this loss. Tommy's husband Morgan will fly from Oregon to attend funeral services. My condolences, Tom.

A long time theatre friend, Kevin (I've known him since he was 16) suffered a different kind of loss. His 79 year old mother was brutually murdered in her home in Houston on July 3rd. Police suspect she knew her attacker. Several items, including her red Cadillac, were stolen. Kevin, who is currently in the Broadway production of "Groundhog Day" flew home immediately and is dealing with the messy aftermath of the violent crime. Again, I didn't know his mother, though I must have met her at some point over the years.

When I read about such events, I'm not certain how to process loss that feels so near, yet so far away at the same time. It's taken me years to work through the grief of losing my own parents. I want to offer words of comfort, but realize what I have to offer is only words ... They are inadequate and I doubt of much use. Before the internet, before Facebook, I doubt I would have known of either one of these deaths. But, FB has offered connections that are immediate and much more accessible than ever before. What do you say when empathy feels so inadequate?
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