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My brother, sister and I have a strong interest in genealogy. We’re just barely beginning our journey in tracing our roots. Colleen has been more proactive than Jeff or me in the pursuit. She recently completed DNA testing and received the results this week. Since we share the same set of parents, married 62 years, it’s safe to say Jeff and I have the same results.

For our entire lives, the three of us grew up assuming we were at least 50% German. There are family stories about an ancestor being the mayor of Cologne, Germany. There are also tales of one side of our family arriving in America as Hessian mercenaries. It’s my understanding these DNA results place us at 9% or less German. (I’m assuming “low confidence region” is another way of saying nope.) I’m not sure I’m ready for the family legends not to be true!

Here are the DNA results (from Colleen’s test) sent to me earlier this week:

Ethnicity Estimate:

Africa - < 1% - Low Confidence Region
Europe - 97%
Ireland - 38%
Great Britain - 29%
Scandinavia - 12%
Europe West - 9% - Low Confidence Region
West Asia - 2% - Low Confidence Region

The high percentage of Irish and Scots doesn’t surprise me, but the percentage of Scandinavian does. I better stop referring to myself as of German heritage until we do more specific research. Colleen has insisted for years, we are mostly of Scots-Irish descent. It appears, she’s right.

No wonder I have such an affinity for Europe!!
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