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Prior to my trip to Italy, I was having issues with what could only be explained as acid reflux, due to the location of the discomfort. In fact, at a medical appointment just prior to the vacation, I was told to try Previcid instead of the Ranitadine I've been taking. I haven't made the change yet, as I didn't get to purchase the acid preventer prior to flying to Italy.

During my time overseas, despite a steady diet of pizza and pasta, I had zero symptoms of acid reflux. What was different? Diet, of course ... but also, I drank a bottle of natural water every meal and the exercise level was off the charts. I don't drink wine, so beverages for every meal were natural water, a small Coca Cola in a can or juice with breakfast. I had much less milk than usual. Smaller portion sizes helped; but, it was a completely different style of dining with four-course meals the norm.

When I'm home, I seldom drink much water. Overseas, it was a big component of every meal ... and it was definitely a choice. No one in a restaurant in Italy is going to sit a glass of water in front of you upon seating. If you want it, you pay for it. There was something about choosing water and paying for it that compelled me to finish every bottle I ordered. In the long run, this helped me a lot. There's value in not taking the most of basic of items, like water, for granted.

Exercising so much (lots of walking up sides of mountains in villages with stone walks ... more steps than I've done in a lifetime led to fatigue, but blissful sleep without the burn of acid in my throat waking me up.
Since I've returned home, my exercise level has tailed off; my consumption of water has dropped dramatically and my sleep patterns have been erratic. I wrote off awaking at 2:00am as jet lag the first few days. I'm waking up early after upsetting dreams and been needing two hour naps mid-afternoon. I have cut way back on food consumption, but milk has become my main beverage again. I don't think it's doing me much good. My symptoms have returned.

I'm in my second week of retirement and struggling a bit with filling time. I haven't been as active or proactive as I had planned. I've been looking at different venues and organizations for which to volunteer. I'm considering a part time job and hobbies; I've been antiquing, trying to uncover just the right breakfast table in line with my budget; most of all, I've visited animal rescue organizations looking for just the right 'fur-ever friend". I'm a dog guy who is inexperienced in having a pet of my own and being extra cautious because of it. I know I'll find the right dog; but even rescues are costing between $350 and $605 (for a puppy). Rescuing is an investment as well as a responsibility.

It seems clear to me I need to shed my lethargy and return to what worked for me during my intensely wonderful, inspiring trip to Italy and London! Life can be exciting if I make it so!!
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